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This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called “Politicians discussing global warming.”

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I like big boats, I cannot lie.


I polled my followers to see their favorite Bioware companions, and who they would like me to do next.  

I’ve already done the winner, Morrigan, and here is 2nd place (1st in my heart) Isabela! It’s transparent too, because I like the shape of her hair.

Thank you all for sticking with me :) 

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On to Silver House Tour part 2.

These are the Thieves Guild Grandmaster’s quarters. My thief naturally decided to fill the space with stolen items, which was the silver dinnerware from around Cyrodiil. All the nobles now eat off their tables because their silver plates are mine.

Once again, this type of thing is impossible to do in Skyrim. I would have probably enjoyed the game more if I could have decorated. Or “decorated” my houses better.

(What I did with my Bruma House is also available for viewing.)

You know it kinda bothers me that I didn’t ever finish any of the sidefaction questlines in Oblivion. I think I got about halfway through with Mages Guild maybe at best. I just so much preferred running around in forests looking for random shit instead.

Ur hauses r pretti

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VR ja kootut selitykset

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How to be classy in three easy steps:





  1. Open this tab.
  2. Open this tab.
  3. Open this tab.



Like a sir.

I have been classy for the past half hour and am enjoying myself quite immensely

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Is this Ys?

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Several minutes ago, Anita Sarkeesian posted this to her Twitter.

First response, a guy calling her a “cunt”, and the third is a guy linking to this image (VERY NSFW.)

Yeah, good job proving that you’re not sexist, guys.

Once again I do not support anita’s message in any way and agree with her on very few things but she in no way ever deserved death threats and harassment and a bunch of uneducated fucks harassing her every time she tries to say something.

Good job guys, you all proved how progressive you are.

Why do people do this? Always add the disclaimer that you absolutely totally do not agree with her at all BUT. Why does it matter in this context?

I mean, sure, I’m glad that you, unlike many people who disagree with her, don’t think she deserves harassment. That’s good. 

But what would it take for there to be a strong show of support for her that isn’t full of caveats about how you disagree?

And furthermore, what in the FUCK is there to disagree with her on? I mean, if she likes potatoes and you like carrots, then what the fuck ever. But how can you disagree with her analysis of misogyny in video games when literally every time she breathes, dudes show up to threaten to rape her and blow her up? Practically her entire life has become one long series of bullshit that proves her right at every turn. Fuck you if you don’t believe her. Fuck you if you don’t agree with her.

I’ve known multiple people who are all anti-Anita and they try to say it’s about her arguments, but when I press them about it they switch to say it’s about the way she presents them, and when I press them more it turns out it’s about misogyny.

People don’t like her because she presents these facts in an unapologetic, straightforward, no-nonsense way utilized by many male academics. In other words, she’s acting like a total b*tch. Because any woman who talks about these issues without apologizing to men about it and petting their egos every eight seconds is a b*tch.

Everyone read those last two comments. Over and over.

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my friends cat had surgery and now he has no pants

This is so weird

Sometimes I wish I could shave my cat just so I could get a better idea of her weight and body proportions.

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Gerda Lerner (1920-2013) , former Robinson Edwards Professor Emerita of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Gerda Lerner (1920-2013)  Women and History (excerpt)
-- A Thinking Allowed DVD w/ Jeffrey Mishlove

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new trend: hanging out with positive ladies who support each other

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Inner peace is knowing
the only place we have to be is
here, now,
and the only thing to be done in this moment
is what we are doing.
There is nowhere else to be,
nothing else to do.
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