I was really preoccupied and tired when I got to the second fabric store that I visited today. I asked the lady for chiffon, and she asked me if I had a preference for colour, and in that moment, I forgot all the colours in the world. I couldn’t conceptualize even the colours of random bolts laying on the table. “What is colour?”



Six complaints to the BBC about last Saturday’s same-sex kiss on Doctor Who.

Over eight hundred complaints about the Great British Bake Off’s baked Alaska scandal.

I love this country.

This is called priorities.  You has them right.


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Cotton and some more cotton

Random suede from the fabric store

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Visualization of the state of my mental hygiene in 2014, the right-hand-side being the most interesting stuff since that’s current and topical

I swam in the dark places in my mind last night, thinking about what I’m like. Usually it would have made me self-pitying and depressed, but instead I just kept on swimming, feeling like I was looking at myself clearly and honestly and with no fear or judgment, and it was nice.


Plantagenet (14th century): Horizontal Braiding, Gorget.
Gorget - When a wimple is worn without a veil, pinned over hair coils on the side of the head (Fig. 19). Sometimes the coils were braided horizontally (Fig.18). Horizontal Braiding- popular in the mid 14th century, the head would go uncovered, but sometimes a fillet would support the plaits ( Fig. 22).

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I’ve nothing to watch on tv before I get my hands on new Solsidan episodes. At least there’s Parks and Recreation in 2015.

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Rifle Paper Co.

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Do you ever have that outfit you wear so often you think

"Yes, this is the outfit I’d be drawn in everyday if I was a cartoon"

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Last week, Russian military aircraft movement has provoked the Finnish military to mobilize fighters down to south of Finland, and I’ve heard the Hornets do flyovers above Helsinki a couple of times.

Today, I had lunch with my Russian co-worker, we sat jovially together as we always do. We often talk about our common passion, which is live model drawing.

And last Saturday, a Russian girl I met at a garden party taught me Russian phrases and we talked about Slavic folk tales.

I like these people. All three of us are can die if the Putin regime decides to go crazier and attack Finland. I doubt they will, because even though Finland isn’t in NATO, we’re still in EU and then the EU (or, meaning, Germany) would really have to probably get off their asses (if they don’t, then they might as well say, hey, you’re welcome to bomb the EU, just stay out of NATO countries, we didn’t need that pesky Euro and trade zone anyway.)

Prayers to the socialists and communists harrassed by right-wing Ukrainians, to the Ukrainians being killed by Russians, to Palestine, to Syria, to the victims of ISIS terror, and to all other civilian people in current war zones.